2018 H.O.M.E. Mission Trip

The First Congregational Church of Ridgefield CT

Youth H.O.M.E. Service Mission Trip 2009

Look What Was Accomplished

Thank you all for Your Continued Support

Lucy's Farmhouse / Shelter - Caulked and finished framing out all of the many windows and doors. This project allowed for us to hire professional painters (last week) to apply a finish permanent sealant coat of paint on this beautiful structure, which will protect it for years to come.

Sister Marie Ahern's House - Demolished and removed the existing rotted out porch that encircled half of this unique octagonal structure. Replaced a beautifully designed and constructed porch, railing, and stair cases out of weather resistant pressure treated lumber that should last longer than the original structure!

Bonnie Williams' House - Constructed kitchen addition, demolished interior walls, insulated new section and installed windows and cedar shingled the exterior. Like Marie's porch, this structure will outlast the house!

Miles Lane Elementary School - (Our Girl's Shower Hosts) - Painted game line on the play yard asphalt area and moved new sand around the swing and slide areas.

Orland Methodist Church - (Our Hosts) - Cleaned up yard of the new pastor's house (that we built two years ago) and carted away trash, etc...

East Orland Post Office / HOME Thrift Store Roof - Re-roofed and made weather tight this large building that is owned by HOME and is partially rented to the US Government for a satellite Post Office. An amazing accomplishment given the shape of this structure when we arrived.

Sister Barbara's Roof - Re-roofed and weather shielded the chimney, vents, and peaks for this retired HOME women's shelter employee.


Duplex - Trimmed and finished all of the window casings, cedar shingled the exterior of this very large 40' X 60' structure, put up sheetrock throughout the interior first and second floors.

Food Pantry - Removed and re-constructed a completely rotted out floor (down to the dirt). Leveled and added new floor joists, and replaced the base floor structure of the entire dinning area of the Food Pantry / Soup Kitchen.

Men's Shelter - Built an addition, demolished interior walls, insulated new section and installed windows and cedar shingled the exterior. Also constructed a ramp for wheelchair access with railings, and lastly added structural columns in the basement to improve the structure's stability.

Craft Center Roof - Repaired and reattached several rows of shingles to this very large structure, which provides good income to the HOME Community.

What an Awesome Accomplishment - Thanks to a GREAT Group of Kids & Adults!