2018 H.O.M.E. Mission Trip

The First Congregational Church of Ridgefield CT

Youth H.O.M.E. Service Mission Trip 2010

Look What Was Accomplished

Thank you all for Your Continued Support - July 13, 2010

Lucy's Farmhouse / Shelter - Framed out a third floor bathroom. Sheet rocked and finished the wiring for the third floor. (Yes, they have filled the bottom two floors with shelter residents and now have overflowed into the third!). Framed, roofed, and sided a much needed Mud Room to the main entrance for retaining the heat in the winter and providing an area for reducing the dirt and snow being brought into the main floor.

Farm Logging Bridge Cover - Replaced the deck on this heavy duty bridge we built about 5 year's ago, as it had rotted out due to exposure to the extreme winter climate. Added a functional roof cover to this newly renovated bridge to protect the new deck from the weather's abuse. A beautiful, smaller version of an antique covered bridge.

Learning Center - Replaced the overused and beaten second floor hallway flooring with a beautiful laminate flooring product that spiffed up the Learning Center's appearance and provided a durable face lift to a badly worn down area. Great job.

Craft Center Roof - Re-roofed and made weather tight this large building that was the original retail outlet where HOME sells it's crafts for much needed income. This was an amazing accomplishment given the shape and the very large size of this structure when we arrived. Hot work that was well done, and finished to the surprise of many!

Duplex - Completely painted all of the interior in very appealing colors, and trimmed out all of the windows and jambs. These projects moved this duplex several giant steps forward towards it's much needed occupancy.

Dedham Garage - Framed, roofed, and sided a needed garage for a home we previously built in Dedham. This structure will provide both storage and winter protection for a vehicle.

Patent Pond Roof - Re-roofed and weather shielded the chimney, vents, and peaks for this old structure that HOME recently re-acquired. This was one of he very first homes built by the HOME Community 30 odd year's ago.

Patent Pond Deck - Removed old deck, framed and re-built structurally sound deck for this older house that will now be sold to a perspective low income family. General clean-up of much debris.

Bucksport Shelter Apartment - Cleaned and removed a ton of trash and junk from this abandoned shelter apartment. Tenant suffered from an aliment of saving anything he could so as not to be without. Much Thanks for doing a very dirty rainy day job!

Sedgewick House - Cleaned and painted the first floor of this recently vacated house in Sedgewick that we built for HOME about 15 years ago. This was another rainy day project done quickly with love.

Miles Lane Elementary School - (Our Girl's Shower Hosts) - Moved new sand around the swing and slide areas, and trimmed and cleaned up the landscaping around the main entry way.

Orland Methodist Church - (Our Hosts) - Painted the walls and trim of their large function hall (comparable to our Lund Hall at FCC) where we have all of our breakfasts and dinners. Came out very nice.

What Awesome Accomplishments
Thanks be to God and to a GREAT Group of Kids & Adults!